Pica's Margarita Cup

The Margarita Cup is Jackson's adult racing league in team scoring format with Pica's as the title sponsor (yum)!  Teams consist of up to 6 people (4 score points each race).

Race Results

Race #1 Results

General Information

There will be weekly raffle prizes, Pica’s Tacos & Bar every race.  

Special thanks to Pica’s and Snow King Mountain for their generous support of this community race series!

For questions about the Margarita Cup contact: Bridger Call - bcall@jhskiclub.org

Get registered by December 31st.  Space is limited, first come first serve.

"Margarita Cup Not Just for Pros" - B. Zimmerman, March 14, 2012 JH News & Guide

Team Registration:

Team Captain:

TEAM REGISTRATION:  One Team Registration Form  should be filled out by the team captain.

TEAM ENTRY FEE: Team Entry Fee of $500.00 must be paid prior to the first race.  Pay online or stop by the Ski Club office and Pay Julie Klomparens. Please pay as a team, no separate payments. Email info@jhskiclub.org for payment questions.  *All proceeds benefit the JHSC Alpine Race Team

Team Members:


2015 Margarita Cup

Past Results

2014 Results:

Team Standings after Race #5

Race Results#5 GS by Team

Race Results Race #4 Dual GS By Team 

Race Results Racer #3 Super G By Team

Race Results Race #2 Dual GS By Team

Race Results Race #1 GS By Team

Race Results Race #1 GS By Gender

2013 Champions - PLODDING POSSUMS

Thea Sutton, Kristin Waddle, Lauren Butze, Adam Carman, Jon Souter, Alex Jones

Final 2013 Race Results

2012 Champions - F.I.G.J.A.M.

Congrats to Elisha Call, Kristin Irvine, Crystal Wright, Shayne Hansen, Summer Owens, and Sarah Felton!

Final 2012 Race Results

2011 Champions - PLODDING POSSUMS

Tina Roberts, Thea Sutton, Christin Lathrop, Adam Carman, Jon Souter, Josh Rainey

2010 Champions - DRIVE SIGNS

Jess Smith, Elisha Call, Jon Souter, Ben Labrecque, Max Hammer, Bridger Call