Athlete Safety: SafeSport & MAAPP

At JHSC, athlete safety is our top priority, and all participants are expected to abide by the policies and SafeSport code laid out by US Ski & Snowboard. The JHSC Parent and Athlete Handbook informs participants that

"As National Governing Body and steward of its sports, U.S. Ski & Snowboard has partnered with the SafeSport program via the United States Olympic Committee to assist its clubs, coaches, parents, and team leaders in recognizing unacceptable behavior and acting to prevent or correct it. As a U.S. Ski and Snowboard member club, we support and raise awareness for these resources and trainings."

All staff and coaches are required to complete SafeSport Training, including information on the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP), as part of their JHSC employment and US Ski & Snowboard Membership. They are to "Be aware of SafeSport resources and code and be vigilant in reporting any signs of abuse." (Parent and Athlete Handbook)

All student-athletes are informed of these policies by their coaches and program directors, and JHSC aims to foster an openly communicative environment in which concerns are immediately and adequately addressed. 


Reporting of sexual or abusive misconduct can be done here: REPORT HERE or by phone: (833) 587-7233

Reporting of other misconduct can be done here: REPORT HERE


Please visit US Ski & Snowboard's Athlete Safety and SafeSport Page to learn more and for a link (bottom of the page) to SafeSport Training. Reach out with concerns at any time to your Program Director or to the JHSC Executive Director, Ali Sehnert (