Ski Cabin

Thanks to the vision of Neil Rafferty, the Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club Ski Cabin was built in 1954 in the Sheep Creek drainage. Currently, the Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club holds the USFS Special-Use permit for this historic cabin. Access to the cabin is from November 1–May 31.


Please keep your health and safety in mind when you use the cabin as this is a remote setting and other parties may also be using the cabin when you plan to use the cabin. Don't travel if you are not feeling well. 

Annually, the Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club performs routine maintenance on the Ski Cabin. Please consider making a donation to support Ski Cabin maintenance (note "Ski Cabin" in the gift in memory field).

Given that this is a special use permit, we ask all users to treat this cabin with special care. Help us keep this special place available for all by following these guidelines:

    • Confucius say…pee to the EAST, and gather snow for water on the WEST (dogs too!)
    • Do not under any circumstance try to rapidly extinguish the fire in the wood stove. Just let it die out with the stove door closed. Please do not add snow or water to the firebox​
    • Please leave fire extinguisher in place just inside the door 
    • Please keep loft door dug out, be careful of the window, this is the upper fire escape!
    • Gather, split and stack more wood than you used in the Ski Cabin. This is not only a courtesy but a safety protocol.  Do not cut down trees, use downed dead trees for firewood. 
    • Please follow the Grizzly Bear Management & Protection Plan.
    • Only limited dry, non-perishable, food items should be left secured in the food storage cabinet for emergencies only.
    • Please do not leave additional food that may attract bears. Please adhere to the Grizzly Bear Management & Protection Plan.
    • Thoroughly clean kitchen, dishes, etc. including sweeping, wiping all surfaces, etc. bottom line… leave it better than you found it. 
    • Pack it in…Pack it out. Pack out all trash!
    • Do not leave ANYTHING in the Ski Cabin that you came in with. Do not leave personal items, slippers, etc. The items in the Ski Cabin are provided for safety and public use only. Do not leave additional sleeping bags or other personal items. 
    • Please DO NOT place stickers on anything at the Ski Cabin - save 'em for your own cooler/fridge/snowboard/skis/dog.
  • Please leave the Ski Cabin in better condition than when you found it.

Please see Ski Cabin Courtesies for additional information. 

Please do not try to access the Ski Cabin when it is closed and locked for the summer season. The Club accesses the Ski Cabin in the summer and fall for maintenance only, if you would like to help with our next project please email




The Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club is an Authorized Permittee of the Bridger-Teton National Forest and an Equal Opportunity Provider.