Teton Maple Exchange

It all started when…

The farmer, my father, Adam Parke, started boiling Maple Syrup in second grade from 60 trees on his parents' farm, staying up all night and falling asleep in school. Almost every season since Adam has been making Maple Syrup.

In 1986 the first trees were tapped and syrup made on Windswept Farm.  Adam purchased the farm in 1979 from an old French Canadian family. Since then the operation of 2000 trees, produces syrup that we are now selling directly to consumers across the country

In 2013 on a trip home to help with the sugaring season, a couple friends asked me to bring some syrup back to Jackson. That led to a gamble on 80 gallons of bottled syrup.

The idea for this business came about as a means to help my father and be more involved in the farm while enjoying living in Jackson. It has grown into a service of providing quality Maple Syrup to people who appreciate it.