College Pathways in Skiing with Jesse McTigue

October 10, 2023

Jesse James McTigue M.S.Ed

Pathways to College Skiing: NCAA and USCSA

Jesse James McTigue is an independent college counselor and freelance writer based in Telluride, CO. She grew up ski racing, attended Burke Mountain Academy, and then captained the Dartmouth NCAA women's alpine team. She cut her teeth as an educator teaching in ski academies and independent schools in CO, VT, and CA before earning her master's in school leadership from the University of Pennsylvania and working as the Director of Curriculum and Instruction and College Counseling at the Telluride Mountain School. After eighteen years of working in schools, she began an independent college counseling practice. She loves working with all students but has a special place for competitive skiers as she was one and is the mother of two. She recently published two articles in Ski Racing Media about college skiing: So, You Want to Ski in the NCAA? and A Guide to USCSA Skiing: Keeping Athletes in the Game. 

Jesse McTigue M.S.Ed
Jesse McTigue M.S.Ed.


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