Alumni Spotlight: Hadley Hammer

Name: Hadley Hammer        

Age: 36

Discipline with JHSC:

Alpine Racing, Freeride Skiing

How old were you when you joined JHSC?

5th grade* don’t hold me responsible to this answer….

How long were you a part of JHSC?

4 years* again not positive, but I believe two years racing, two years freeride skiing….

In three sentences or less, explain your entire experience with the club.

My years as the only girl and first group in the new Freeride Program was a memorable shift of my self-confidence and curiosity about what I could do on skis. I remember the camaraderie—the jokes on the chairlift, the long van rides, playing card games in hotel rooms. I learned to love skiing and learned to appreciate the community around me. 

If you were to do it all over again, what would you do differently?


What was the most fun part of being with the club?

The van rides probably… but this speaks to the fun had as a group of kids. 

What do you do now?

Professional skier/ski mountaineer and writer

How does your experience with JHSC affect you today, if at all?

Being a part of the club was my first experience with not being the best athlete but finding ways for personal and athletic growth despite of and because of my lack of “natural” talent. It taught me that I could just work harder and get to the same place-that growth was up to me. 

What skills did you learn while competing that apply to life outside of the club?

The ski club helped me learn time management. How to train, work, study, eat, and sleep all in one day. 

What is your all-time favorite memory of JHSC?

I don’t have a single memory, but rather a collection of chairlift rides, van rides, races and big air competitions, training days, and study halls-all these small moments that build upon a rich memory of my time at the ski club. 

If you knew a kid that was thinking about becoming a part of the club, why do you think they should join?

Skiing can be the activity that brings endless joy, a strong community, and a sense of self worth. 

Anything to add?

I was never a “successful” athlete for the club—I didn’t get on any podiums, was never the best or even near the top, yet I now make my living as a professional skier. My hope for every coach, parent, and especially kid in the ski club is to teach/learn a good foundation while at the club and most importantly discover the way skiing can become an expression of yourself—to have the patience to know that you don’t have to be the best when you’re young, you just have to foster the curiosity about what you’re able to do.


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