December Alpine Newsletter

We are on Snow! 

Thanks to Mother Nature we are looking great in the valley for snow! We are in a pretty good position for training purposes and early season races here at Snow King and at JHMR! 

The FIS, U16 & U14 teams have had training camps nationally in Colorado and internationally in Austria already this fall! Snow King opened Nov 26th which has provided amazing early training here on our great little town hill! 


Volunteering Opportunities 

Here is UPDATED schedule of events: 

- WR Open FIS SL and GS on Dec 14-17 @ JHMR

-IMD Sean Nurse SL and GS on Dec 19-22 @ Snow King

- WR Devo Tech FIS on Jan 2-5 @ Snow King

- Caroline Classic GS Jan 7th @ Snow King 

- IMD U14 Tech Qualifier Jan 13-15 @ Snow King

- IMD Wes Barron on Jan 26-29 @ JHMR

- Parent-Kid Dual SL on Mar 4 @ Snow King

- Jackson Downhill on Mar 10-12 @ JHMR

- U14 Regionals on Mar 23-26 at JHMR

For volunteering opportunities go to:


Alpine FIS celebrates Thanksgiving in Aspen

U16 complete physical testing before Panorama

Alpine U12 Team Meeting

FIS Team photo at Copper


We have an amazing staff this season who are very excited to get on snow with the athletes! Below is a full list of all the Alpine Staff! This list is jam packed with incredible individuals so please try to get to know them! 

Kristin Waddle  Alpine Program Director /

Brett Jacobson - Head FIS Coach /

Kevin Keane - FIS Coach /

Ned Lazarevic - U16 Head Coach /

Vidar Widing - U16 Coach

Al Clausen  - U14 Head Coach /

Jamie Stone  - U14 Coach

Moesy Shumway - U14 Coach

Amelia Volk - U14 Coach

Tim Warren - U14 Coach

Keely Kelleher – U14 Coach

Neiko Razinger  - U12 Head Coach /

Mari Hansen - U12 Coach

Turner Brett - U12 Coach

BB Hall – U12 Coach

Maylia Lohman – U12 Coach

Matt Beauregard - U10 Head Coach /

Charlotte Hadley - U10 Coach

Caroline Daley - U10 Coach

Sam Erhard - U10 Coach

Tait Bjornsen - U10 Coach

Virginia Hamilton – U10 Coach

Rick Lawler  - 2 Day Head Coach /

Dan Carson - 2 Day Race Team Coach

Liza Barnes- 2 Day Race Team Coach

Bailey Pugh - 2 Day Race Team Coach

Jenny Allen Patterson- Rockchuck Racers Head Coach /

Kia Mosenthal - Rockchuck Racers Coach

Tegan Ritter - Rockchuck Racers Coach

Noah Rial - Rockchuck Racers Coach

James Miller – Rockchuck Racers Coach

Fern Comeau  - Master Head Coach

Lexie Drechsel - Fill in Coach

Amelia Adams - Fill in Coach


Quote of the Month!

5 things that require little to ZERO effort or talent, but guarantee much SUCCESS in life:

1. Be the first to say "hello"

2. Say "thanks" and "please"

3. Bring a good energy and attitude

4. Think of others needs first

5. Treat others as you'd like to be