March 25th Grooming Report--International Spring Series!

March 25th Grooming Report

International Spring Series!

Click on this link to see a high resolution version of this weekend’s International Ski Federation race course map at Trail Creek.  The three days of racing will include classic skiing, skate skiing, and a skate sprint course.  As of last report volunteers were still needed, and if you want to give it a shot, registration is open for about another day at this link.

If Nordic skiing is on your agenda for today, Trail Creek would be a great data point on your daily calendar.  You’ll discover that the inch of snow that fell yesterday was a lovely addition to the Husky’s late day journey on nearly every trail in our system.  The single pass on most trails was a skate/classic pass with double passes on most of the Close Field and Homeward and Outward Bound.

Look for extra grooming on the race courses for the rest of the week; next grooming will probably be Tuesday night with daily grooming returning by at least Thursday to the final grooming either Sunday night or Monday morning.  If possible every other day grooming of non-race trails will continue to the end, during the races.

Groomer’s choice for today is Cle’s Climb.