March 27th Grooming Report--Grooming to the Finish Line!

March 27th Grooming Report

Grooming to the Finish Line!

Even though the end of the season is just around the corner, skiing is still on the very nice side at Trail Creek this week.  Yesterday was a bit of a wild day weather-wise, with cool temps, but conditions varying from lots of blazing March sun to wild snow squalls and back again.  All in all the Nordic friendly temps and additional snow (2-3 inches yesterday) are adding up to some very nice late season skiing.

As mentioned previously in this report, we have a huge International Ski Federation Spring Series Race Saturday, Sunday, and Monday with course inspection on Friday.  If you would like to watch some fantastic Nordic skiing, volunteer positions are still available on the website above or you could just come out and spectate.

The most recent grooming which occurred late in the day yesterday was all about the race with multiple passes being made on the race courses.  In addition to that, the Husky made a single skate/classic pass throughout most of the other trails in our system.  The fresh snow groomed nicely into the firm base which should result in nice skiing all day long today.

Looking ahead, we have another good shot of snow coming Thursday which will be great in making our conditions pristine for the big race.  The tentative weather dependent grooming schedule going forward is as follows:

  • Wednesday PM light grooming on race courses only.
  • Thursday PM total grooming of race courses for course inspection plus a pass through the woods trails (non-race) so visiting skiers will be able to see all the wonders of Trail Creek.
  • Friday PM race course grooming focusing on the sprint course.
  • Saturday PM race course grooming focusing on the 2.5k freestyle/classic course along with a pass through the non-race trails
  • Sunday PM race course grooming focusing on the 5k classic course.

Groomer’s choice for today is to get out there and enjoy some great end of the season skiing as we near the finish line.