March 29th Grooming Report--Norway 2, Husky 0!

March 29th Grooming Report

Norway 2, Husky 0!

As grooming began late in the afternoon yesterday an interesting international encounter came to be.  With the Husky venturing out from the cabin, down around the Aspen Bump on its way to the back woods, a few visiting Norwegian skiers decided that the race was on.  They simply drafted the Husky as it wound its way around the close field, for a while as the Husky headed up Grunt with its quarter thousand horsepower advantage, it looked like the Husky might win the race.  However by the time the spectacle reached Moose Loop, it was clear that the Norwegians were victorious, way to go guys.

Racing the Husky might not be on the agenda for most skiers today, but a great ski can be had today at Trail Creek.  Course inspection will be ongoing today on the race courses so if you do come ski, be respectful of our visiting skiers, but it could also be a very fun day to ski.

What you’ll discover for grooming today is that the Husky was out late in the day covering pretty much every trail in the system.  Grooming began with a single skate/classic pass through pretty much every trail in the woods and after completing that, the race courses received extensive grooming in preparation for today’s course inspection.  All in all conditions are good and it should be a fantastic day to ski.

Racing begins tomorrow on the sprint course; if you can come and watch, we will have some of the fastest skiers in the world, blasting around the 1.2K course, should be great spectating.  Going forward the tentative schedule is race course grooming late in the day today, race course grooming Saturday evening with another pass through the woods if possible, and a final race course grooming for the season Sunday night.

Groomer’s choice for today is to come out to Trail Creek and enjoy some of the late night grooming.