March 30th Grooming Report---Warm and Wet

March 30th Grooming Report

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Warm and Wet

Spring seems to have finally sprung at Trail Creek, with temperatures never dropping much below 32 degrees last night. This made grooming a breeze, but lacking colder weather to set up the trails, they’ll likely be quite soft today. The East Fields remain ungroomed for today, as we didn’t get quite enough snow to bury the gravel that the snowplows put there yesterday; the East Fields Woods, however, are still available and in quite nice condition.


Today’s grooming was a fairly comprehensive pass over the trails, with double passes on Moose Loop, Déjà vu, Homesite, Animal Farm, Olympic, and most of the Close Fields. There was a mama elk and her baby hanging out on Woolsey, and after chasing them around the first time, they looked pretty worn out, so Woolsey received only one pass. Elk are pretty skittish, so don’t be concerned; in fact, the calf was very curious, and without mama’s prompting, likely would have let the groomer get within petting distance!

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Groomer’s choice for today is Animal Farm.