May Alpine Newsletter

May Alpine Newsletter

April continued to be a very active month for the Alpine Program! We had U14 & U16s at Snow Cup at Snowbird for their last chance to compete in the IMD for the 23-24 season. We had FIS racing at NorAm Finals (Panorama), Winter Park, Palisades, and Alpine Meadows late into April! The U14s went the deepest into April and just finished a speed camp at Mammoth that Coach Jamie attended with Henry Schrauder and Phoebe Faris, which sounded like a great opportunity for all athletes! Thank you coaches for the continued hard work and dedication to our athletes! We know the season is long and you work crazy hours to provide a space for our local athletes to reach their best! 

Now that we are moving into May we are prepping for Mt. Hood camps that JHSC is putting on for our athletes. We will also have leadership members attending US Ski and Snowboard Congress in Park City to discuss new rule proposals and how to make the sport better for all. Kristin and Sean will be attending the IMD Alpine Competition Committee meeting at the end of May to discuss IMD specific proposals and the IMD calendar for the 2024-2025 season. During May & June we try to secure our major staffing positions for the coming season as well! May might seem like a down time for the club, but it never quite slows down! 


Mt. Hood Summer Camp Offerings


U10 & U12

  • Camp 1: (U10 & U12) June 22-28 - Day Camp Style, no lodging; $1,850; $500 deposit required at time of registration.

  • Camp 2: (U10 & U12) June 30-July 6 - Day Camp Style, no lodging; $1,850; $500 deposit required at time of registration.

Included: Coaching, training lane fees, tickets, video analysis, day off activity and dryland daily

Not Included: Lodging, food, and transportation (For this age athletes will stay with their parents. Parents are responsible for transportation to and from the mountain and dryland each day!)

U14 & U16 

  • Camp 1: (U14 & U16) July 14-20 - Overnight Camp; $2050; $500 deposit required at time of registration.

  • Camp 2: (U14 & U16) July 22-28 - Overnight Camp; $2050; $500 deposit required at time of registration​.

Included: Coaching, lodging, tickets, lanes, food, transportation once at Hood, day off activity, video review 

Camp Layout for both age groups: 3-1-3 (ski 3 days, off day, ski 3 days)



Race Department Appreciation 

As many of you know from countless hours volunteered yourself, we as a club ran 40 days of races. We would not be able to do this for our athletes and community without thousands of work and volunteer hours. The effort each and every one of you gave the club over the last 4 months was tremendous but there are a few that went above and beyond! I must give a shoutout to a few individuals! 

Sean Hines (Race Director) – Sean works incredibly hard and cares about doing a great job even more! He just finished up his 2nd year as Race Director which he had an extremely full calendar. Congratulations Sean on a successful season of races that ranged from Club Series all the way to U18 Nationals! Sean is invaluable to JHSC, and we are very grateful to have him!  He is currently on the Grand Canyon with his family! Enjoy the off-season Sean, you deserve it! Thank you, Sean!

Dani Decker (Race Administrator) – Talk about invaluable, Dani Decker is a god sent! Dani joined the race department this year and already has 40 race days under her belt! She committed to this position in the summer/fall in 2023 and dove right in! Got licensed soon after and with the guidance of Becky Stone (RA rockstar from Snowbird) she tackled the season with no hesitation. Dani is someone we hope to keep as a key member of our club for a long time! It’s not just her hard-working attitude, she is an amazing person to work with and be around! She makes everyone’s day better! Dani’s daughter Sally is a U10 in the Alpine & Freeride Programs! Dani and her family plan to move to New Zealand for 5 months this summer/fall but will be returning in October! Have a wonderful time and we can’t wait to see you when you return! Thank you, Dani! 

Rich McDowell (Chief of Timing) – We would not be able to host races without the knowledge and dedication that Rich brings to the JHSC timing room! Timing may seem like an easy job since it is mostly electronic for the most pair but that is not the case. It takes a very detail-oriented individual who can donate a lot of time. Rich is a retired military and airline pilot that calls Jackson his home! Thank you, Rich, for the countless hours and the timing expertise! He also has a great sense of humor! 

Sue Bybee (Chief of Timing) – Like Rich, we would not be able to host races without the knowledge and dedication that Sue brings to the JHSC timing room! Timing may seem like an easy job since it is mostly electronic for the most pair but that is not the case. It takes a very detail-oriented individual who can donate a lot of time. Sue has seen it all! She has been timing here at JHSC since her kids started racing 30 years ago! Sue and Rich combined have over 50-60 years of timing under their belts! Not many clubs are lucky enough to say that! Thank you to both of you! 

Timing Needs: With that said about Rich and Sue, they are starting to phase out and we also don’t want to rely on them for everything. If there are any parents or community members that have an interest in timing an alpine ski race, please reach out! It is an amazing community in the timing room with a great view and warm temps! 


Congratulations Seniors and PG Athletes

Nico McGee – Nico plans to attend Middlebury College after completing his PG year! 

Evalyn Wogoman – Evalyn just committed to attending University of Vermont in Burlington this coming fall! She is very excited to join the bike team next year at UVM! 

Atticus Sanders – Atticus plans to take a PG year.

Noah Parazette – Noah plans to take a PG year.

Kye Bessette – Kye plans to take a PG year.

Sam Clausen – Plans to take another PG year after an unfortunate injury at the end of 2023.

**We will highlight these athletes more in the June Newsletter as they finish up high school**


End of the season Reflection

The link that is attached is a good resource for any aged athlete to reflect on the season! I highly encourage athletes to take 10 minutes to go through these questions and reflect on the season that just ended to further help your progress and mindset for the coming year! 

Article link:


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