Amelia Volk

Amelia was raised in a big skiing family in Oregon, and her dad was the head of ski patrol, so most every day of the Winter was spent on snow, from the time she was around 16 months old. She picked up racing at age 4 and fell in love with it; eventually, she went to ski for Gould Academy in Maine. During her senior year of high school, she relocated to Bozeman, where she raced for the local team at Bridger for a couple of years. Taking a break from ski racing over the last year made Amelia miss it even more, and she decided that she wanted to give back to the community and ended up deciding to coach for JHSC!

Sport-specific Experience and Certifications

  • Western regionals

  • OISRA championships

  • Western and Eastern region FIS

  • SafeSport Certified


Bozeman High School

Personal Philosophy

Have the most fun and you’ll be the best skier on the mountain!